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Opening ranges – Domination



We’ve all heard or read that we should fold ATo or KJo from under the gun in a full-ring cash game. The question is why? In this post we’re going to study what can happen if we open such a hand in early position, with eight or more players left to act behind us.

The first thing we need to talk about is domination. We’ve all been there, going all-in pre-flop with AJ in the late stages of a sit-and-go, where each big blind eats away a large chunk of our stack, only to be called by AK or AQ. Equity: 27%.

The easiest spot to think of when talking about domination is that of holding the same hand with a worse kicker. A broader definition would be the situation where your opponent has a better starting hand than yours, and you are drawing to a maximum of three direct outs. Continue reading

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